Contact, support, feedback for OSDL's community

Different means are available in order to give and take more informations about everything related to OSDL:

All those means of communication are free for read/write operations, for OSDL's members and for others (except the forum which require an easy registration before one being able to post).

Please note that, for the moment, there is, in some way, a kind of mix between the means of communication for our library, OSDL, and for the community that uses it, i.e. mainly our club for game creation, the famous Circle of the Floodlit Coypus. At the moment, both community are gathered in one [More infos].

In a few words, everyone is welcome to express himself about OSDL, so please do not hesitate and tell us what you want!


We changed a couple of times of mailing-list system:

  1. We began with, which was convenient but suffered too frequently of random delays (up to 48 hours to have a mail delivered!). We therefore moved, but made so that every other list has been subscribed to this one, therefore its archive contains all of our messages
  2. After, we used, which did not provide archive, and seemed to loose some mails, and duplicated others. So we moved again
  3. We currently use

Please react!

If you have information more detailed or more recent than those presented in this document, if you noticed errors, neglects or points insufficiently discussed, drop us a line!


Last update: Sunday, April 5, 2009