Homepage of OSDL's 0.5 version


Starting from Sunday, April 5, 2009, this is the current stable OSDL's version.

For the moment, OSDL 0.5 is thoroughly tested only on GNU/Linux hosts [More info].

This OSDL version uses the Ceylan 0.7 version.

If you are searching for general informations about the OSDL library (not specific to the 0.5 version), prefer referring to the root of our OSDL official website.

OSDL 0.5 Main Changes

The OSDL license has been extended and updated, went from pure LGPL to disjunctive bi-license LGPL/GPL. It allows developers using GPL software to use OSDL as well.

Other main changes are:

See our ChangeLog for further information.

Download OSDL 0.5 Source Archive

Note that most OSDL developers and end-users should use LOANI instead, as it manages all appropriate OSDL prerequisites automatically.

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