This is the documentation of the API corresponding to the OSDL 0.5 version, released on Sunday, April 5, 2009.

OSDL stands for Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Layer. It is a free portable high-level open-source library for multimedia and game programming.

Basically, OSDL is a high-level C++ library, working on top of lower-level back-ends, currently SDL and related helper libraries (SDL_*), and on Ceylan.


Use OSDL.h and link your program or library with one of the following OSDL libraries:

If the user code is autotools-based, the osdl.m4 macro, available in the test subdirectory, helps writing a configure.ac file which takes into account the linking with OSDL library. See the OSDL_PATH macro and its numerous built-in sanity checks. One can use OSDL's numerous test cases as guidelines to implement, build and run code using the OSDL library.


Installation is to be performed thanks to LOANI.

Refer to the OSDL version page for further information about this 0.5 version.

Information about the latest OSDL release can be found here (mirror).

Support can be obtained from osdl-support@lists.sourceforge.net (one must register first).

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