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This is the heart of OSDL's site, since you are at the point where all informations about OSDL can be found.

Various OSDL's versions are available:

Without further notice, all OSDL informations at this level are relative to the latest OSDL's version available, indicated as such by [work in progress] and always available here.


The OSDL RPG Game Engine, is a server-side implementation of our ruleset, described in the Orge section.


While working on Ceylan and OSDL, we realized that there was a need for specific tools that we were not able to find in the open source community, since what was available did not fit enough to our particular purposes and needs. We had therefore to develop them, we release them also, in the hope they might prove useful for other projects.

These tools are mainly:

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Last update: Sunday, September 13, 2009