How to prepare an update of a member of OSDL's family

Preparing new versions and releases

At first, one must use the right terms, which are to be understood regarding our project's own conventions and Sourceforge's ones: in OSDL-0.3.17, OSDL is the package name, 0.3 is the version (made from a major version number, 0, and a minor version number, 3), which is also known to Sourceforge as a file release, and 17 designates the (sub)release number.

The result of new versions, releases and subreleases can be viewed in Sourceforge download area for OSDL.

Checklist for a new version

Here are some steps in order to prepare relatively painlessly a new version of an OSDL's family member (please note that a few of these steps necessitate to be a registered OSDL member).

We now rely on the release method we described in Ceylan's developer guide. One just has to replace a mention to Ceylan by a mention to OSDL.

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Last update: Saturday, March 1, 2008