A general view of multimedia libraries

Whenever we happen to find similar projects (i.e. helping libraries, not projects such as games that use it, it is another section), we try to put them in our list, with a link and a tiny comment. We nevertheless do not aim to be exhaustive (it would be a full-time job). Most of these projects seem more advanced than OSDL. Feel free to help us by adding similar projects that you know of !

Projects are sorted alphabetically.

Project name Comment License
(Advanced Game Library)
Adgali is a library made to enhance the features of low level libraries for game or mutimedia development, like SDL. A french hobby project, like OSDL ! GPL
Allegro Another full-featured library for C/C++ developers, supporting DOS, Unix (Linux, FreeBSD, Irix, Solaris), Windows, QNX, and BeOS (MacOS port is in alpha stage). Numerous games use it, a whole community is gathered around Allegro. Gift-ware
(Clean Game Library)
A complete development system for 2D games using a rather disturbing functional language called Clean. LGPL
Clanlib Game SDK This multi-platform game development library abstracts display, sound, input, networking, files, threadding and such in a C++ platform independant way, and offers a whole framework in order to make game development easier. OSDL is aimed at similar purposes, and would wish to go as much as high level as possible. Clanlib is already a full featured framework used by many GPL games. LGPL
Easy Game Library Sprite library using SDL, from Russia. LGPL
(General Graphics Interface)
Very modular, aimed to run on any platform requiring at most a recompile. BSD
(GPUL Game Library)
A framework written in "object-oriented" C. Spanish project. LGPL
Microsoft's DirectX The major SDK used for PC (and now XBox) game development. By far the most widely spread and known, it nevertheless only supports some Microsoft's operating system's flavours, and no other operating system. Very far from open source's way of thinking. Huge means. The APIs (used to ?) change a lot from a version to the next. Commercial
OpenGL Well, could not put DirectX without mentioning OpenGL, even if it is only a part of the answer for game development. Open-source variations
(see Mesa)
(Objective Simple DirectMedia Library)
This is a project the beginning of whom is close to our own beginning. We thought naively we had an original idea ! Not known
(Object-oriented Simple DirectMedia Library)
This is only for the sake of completeness, since you are already in OSDL's site (remember ?) LGPL
PLIB This portable library includes sound effects, music, a complete 3D engine, font rendering, a GUI, networking, 3D math library and a collection of handy utility functions. Based upon OpenGL. Many games use it. LGPL
(Simple DirectMedia Library)
The famous library from Sam Lantiga, on top of which OSDL is built. Powerful, low level, with a huge number of supported platforms, numerous games using it, and a very active community. SDL has been used by many GPL and commercial games (Loki's ports to Linux) LGPL
A SDL C++ wrapper, which does not seem to be complete enough to be used. LGPL
Another SDL C++ wrapper, focusing on just exposing C++ interfaces of SDL functions, without further dependency. This project is far from being complete enough to be used, too. LGPL

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