OSDL's Credits

OSDL is indebted to many people and organizations. We would like to thank all of them for their unquenchable thirst for intellectual struggle against the nasty and lazy computers, which often make our lives over-complicated. We have seen amazing projects propelled by amazing people, and OSDL is trying to add its own piece of work to the tremendous results already won over, well, the software chaos.

Credits are at first associated on a per-theme basis:

There are neverthess some helping hands that touched most themes and as such are listed below.


The various members of our small game creation club brought a lot to the OSDL effort, thanks to all of them !


First of all, OSDL makes an intensive use of Sam Lantinga's famous SDL library (Simple DirectMedia Library). SDL provides a whole cross-platform low-level layer, very useful to get an abstraction of the underlying computer OSDL is executed on.

Another project we are very fond of is WorldForge. This project aims at providing everything necessary to a complete open-source game: they have code, of course, but also content, such as pictures, animations, rules, and so on. We found it amazing because too often one can see that code and content are scarcely available all together: we can often see code-centered project (such as OSDL and other multimedia library projects) lacking of content, namely sprites, models, and so on. Thanks to Worldforge, it is no longer the case, and they have already professional-quality data !

Helper tools

A great help, in order to have a good project management system, came from SourceForge and their very useful tools.

We would like to thank as well Dimitri van Heesch, for his wonderful documentation system, doxygen.

As it is delighting to work while listening to good music, we would like to promote a bit Nectarine, a demoscene internet radio we like much, same case for Radio Paradise.

More generally...

We would like especially to thank too all the people that expressed their interest about OSDL and related works. They contributed to the project their own way, by making us still more motivated, and often suggested us very good ideas and startling improvements. They are too numerous to be cited here, but we are sure they would recognize themselves from the description !

Last but not least, we have got to mention as a major helping hand the open-source initiative and its warm communities as a whole, made of stimulating and wonderful people !

Thanks to everyone of you !

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Last update: Friday, February 29, 2008